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Wine and champagne:
There are few wine-food comibinations as sublime as Foiegras and white wine, espacially sweet white wine. Golden Goose Liver and asweet syrupy wine such as „Tokaji Aszu (6 puttonyos)” is simply exquisite.Other sweet wines of Hungary, such as the "Ice wine" or Muscats (Muskotaly) wouldalso bring out the best in foie gras.
Other wines go superbly with foie gras: Jurançon or Monbazillac, sweet Bergerac, a pungentLoupiac, or a Sainte-Croix-du-Mont.
Surprising reds: The finest red wine crus also go well with foie gras ,bringing out its delicate flavouring: the best crus of Médoc (Margaux,Pauillac), crus of Libournais (Pomerol) and even the tannic Madiranand Cahors.
Champagne is a recent partner for foie gras but hasalready won over many enthusiasts. There is one essential condition: the wine must have acertain complexity and a fine bouquet. Wines which are overly light, acidic orsimply too young should be avoided since they prevent the full aromas of thefoie gras from developing.
Bread, wine and foie gras, a mouthwatering trilogy. Thiscombination of fine products is a sheer delight. The variations are multipleand always delicious provided these few principles are adhered to.

     goose liver with wine

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