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The way Golden Goose Liver® should be served:

Foie gras is best enjoyed at the start of a meal whenyour taste buds are at their most receptive. However, there is a growing trendfor serving it as a main course with a hot accompaniment.

In order to savour the full range of subtle fragrancesand delicate flavours which foie gras offers, we recommend leaving it at roomtemperature for 10 to 20 minutes before tasting. If it is too cold it can loosea lot of its creaminess and flavour.
To preserve its fine texture, foie gras should becarefully sliced in the last minute with a fine unserrated knife warmed underhot water. Between each slice, wet then dry the blade. For perfect slices, youcan use a cheese wire.
When it comes to serving portions, we recommend 50 to70 g per person as a starter, and 100 to 130 g as a main course.
Foie gras should be served on warmed plates. Best to serve on a beautiful porcelan plate, such as those of the "Herend Factory", or "Zsolnay Factory".

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