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Just open it and eat it! The canned Golden Goose Liver after opening is READY TO EAT! You don’t need to cook or prepare it any further! Though you can eat it with roast or cooked meats, but do not roast or cook the canned Golden Goose Liver itself!
Foie gras has its own rituals. It can be enjoyed as it is!  But there are certain flavours  which foie gras has a clear preference for:
Bread: Freshly baked or lightly toasted country bread and toasted sandwich bread have rightly become great favourites. To fully appreciate the flavour of foie gras melt-in-your-mouth, try it on toast! But there are also the traditional French baguette or the Hungarian roll and „kifli”. Fruit bread is also worth a try: Try a piece of
goose liver on a slice of lightly toasted fruit bread. You'll find the combination of sweet and savoury flavours utterly irresistible.
Foie gras can also be presented on a serving dish surrounded by diced aspic, dried fruit compote, black cherry jam, fresh figs, white grapes, dry or fresh apple. You may try some other dry or fresh fruits also! Give full rein to your imagination. Foie gras likes nothing better than a touch of inspiration.
A final tip from those in the know: avoid salads with too much mustard or vinegar dressing. Foie gras reacts badly to bitter or overly strong flavours. 

     Open & EAT goose liver

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